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Extended Font License: Video Game
The Northern Block fonts are available for Video Game software embedding for a one-time fee. There are no subscriptions, no re-occurring fees, just pay once and that's it. (This license & fee are in addition to the regular Desktop License & fee.) Remember that when you purchase a font you are only purchasing a license to use that font for your personal or business use. You DO NOT own the font, title or the copyright. Full ownership of The Northern Block fonts are that of the font creator(s).
Pricing Structure
This Video Game license allows customers to embed ONE single weight OR ONE complete family 
OpenType/TrueType font in ONE Video Game Software for a one-time fee of £1000 per font or £5000 per complete family. For example, Brokman Regular = £1000 or Brokman Complete = £5000.
Approved Gaming Systems
This Video Game license is valid for integrating and embedding ONE single weight OR ONE 
complete family of The Northern Block fonts in ONE (1) Video game product at a time, and is valid 
for the following gaming systems: (Xbox, PS3, PSP, Wii, PC & MAC)
License Agreement
In order to complete your purchase, you must agree to the following rules of usage. By downloading,
purchasing, installing or embedding The Northern Block fonts for any Video Game use, you signify 
your acceptance of this license agreement, and in return for a license to use The Northern Block fonts for any Video Gaming scenario, you wholly agree to the following terms and conditions:
1. Grant of License and Restrictions
The Northern Block grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to (i) integrate, combine, embed or incorporate ONE single weight OR complete family of The Northern Block fonts within your Video Game scenario, (ii) reproduce, distribute and sub-license your Video Game scenario containing ONE single weight OR complete family of The Northern Block fonts; and (iii) install and use ONE single weight OR complete family of The Northern Block fonts for your use in connection with the creation and testing of your Video Game scenario. You are not allowed to use The Northern Block fonts for more than one Video Game scenario without purchasing an additional Video Game license from The Northern Block.  You are not allowed to re-sell or give the font to any third party separate from your Video Game scenario. A " Video Game scenario" is defined for these purposes as any single scenario that is applicable to the items listed above in the “Approved Gaming Systems” section.
2. Acceptable Uses
You may use ONE single weight OR ONE complete family of The Northern Block fonts within ONE Video
Game scenario only. For instance, you can embed ONE single weight font OR ONE complete family of
The Northern Block fonts in ONE Video Game Application for multiple gaming platforms from the approved list above. As long as the Video Game Application is identical on the multiple gaming platforms, you only need one Video Game Application license to develop and release the Video Game Application. However, if you release "Awesome Game"  and then develop a sequel called "Awesome Game 2" that also includes the same font, you must purchase an additional Video Game Application license. Essentially each time the font leaves your control and is distributed in a new Video Game scenario, you must purchase an additional Video Game license. 
3. Unacceptable Uses
Users of the Video Game Application scenario cannot edit or create a new document using The Northern Block font(s). You must ensure that The Northern Block font(s) cannot be fully or partially extracted for any use. You must embed The Northern Block font(s) within a secure format that permits only the viewing and/or printing (and not the editing, altering, enhancing, or modifying) of The Northern Block font(s).
4. Backups
You can keep backups of The Northern Block font(s) in the cloud, locally on a desktop, laptop or mobile
device, or on a studio server, ONLY IF you, as the single licensee of The Northern Block font(s) is the only person who maintains the backup. It cannot be managed by numerous users.
5. Modification
You may import characters from the font as graphical objects into a drawing program and modify such graphical objects. You may not modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or create derivative works based on the licensed font itself without The Northern Block's prior written consent.
6. Ownership
All rights and licenses not expressly granted to you are reserved by The Northern Block. Title to; copyright to and full ownership of The Northern Block fonts. The Northern Block trademarks and all patent, trademark, trade name and intellectual property rights associated with The Northern Block fonts, remain the property of  The Northern Block or the Font Creator and are NOT at any time transferred to you or your customers.
7. Termination
The Northern Block has the right to terminate your license immediately if you fail to comply with any of the terms listed in this License Agreement. Upon termination, you must destroy the original and any copies of The Northern Block font(s) and accompany documentation.
8. Disclaimer & Limited Warranty
For a period of 30 days after installing the font, The Northern Block warrants that the font software will perform to the customer's satisfaction. The Northern Block will undertake professional work to correct substantial malfunctions occurring during the warranty period provided that such malfunctions are reproducible; the product has the correct license, and you give written notice and sufficient detail of such malfunctions to The Northern Block. 
Except for the above limited warranty, The Northern Block shall in no event be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages. Including damages from loss of business profits, business interruption, and loss of business information, arising out of the use or inability to use The Northern Block font. The Northern Block shall in no event give any technical support on how to use the fonts on your system. The Northern Block makes no warranties express or implied as to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or otherwise.
The Northern Block font software may not be copied or duplicated in any form except for the licensee's backup purposes. Do not redistribute The Northern Block fonts in any way!
The buyer accepts the number of characters in a font set. The Northern Block is not obliged to build and provide missing characters for free. If you need extra characters for your fonts The Northern Block offers a font design service to create any shape, letterform etc., to fit in style with the font. For further details please contact:
The user of The Northern Block fonts agrees to credit The Northern Block as the trademark and copyright owner of the fonts and list the font names, wherever and whenever design, production, or any other credits are shown.
The Northern Block reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove details of the terms of use of this license agreement. Your use of the font software will be subject to the most recent version of these terms.
If you have any questions or queries regarding the license, then please read the FAQ pages for licensing before getting in contact:
Copyright© 2014 The Northern Block. All Rights Reserved.

Extended Font License

Book & ePublication Licence

The Book & ePublication Licence is available for you to use the font software in a phyiscal book and electronic publication.

We work with solo-publishers, to established publication houses.

If you would like to explore the options available, or if you have a specific requirement not already mentioned, you can get in touch with:
Scott Briggs, Client Lead

Alternatively, if you have general query then please email:

Copyright© 2016 The Northern Block. All Rights Reserved.

Extended Font License
Broadcasting refers to using the font software for onscreen programming via television, film or video and specifically for text used in titling, credits, etc. This license & fee are in addition to the Standard Desktop License and cost varies depending on duration and region, please contact us for a quote.