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General Question

Do you hire new people to work for The Northern Block?
Yes, please visit the Careers page for more details.

Do you accept new typeface designs to your foundry?
Yes, please go to Font Submissions for further details.

Can students get a discount?
Yes, 60% OFF the normal retail price. Please email a hi-res scan of your student ID card, with a description of the fonts you would like to purchase to: 

Do you supply trial versions of your fonts?
The Northern Block does not supply trial versions, but you can use the type tester tab to create your own designs. Alternatively you can purchase a non commercial licence which is sold at only 25% of the retail value. To obtain a non commercial license, please email your font details to:

Do you sell Web Fonts?
At present, The Northern Block does not offer typefaces in web font formats, but you can buy them from our specially selected distributors including: Fontspring