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Trial Contact Form: Trial Licence Form

Trial Version Licence Agreement: Licence Agreement

- What is a Trial Font?

A Trial Font is a simplified version of one of our typefaces, specifically created for you to try before you buy.

This may be for a pitch for a project, or for a project already won.
The most important function of the Trial for you, is to make sure it functions within the work you're doing.

- So how does it work?

At the bottom of the page, there is a link you can use to fill in our Contact Form, and explain why you would like to use a Trial Version of one of our fonts.
These answers will determine if you receive the file from us.

- What can I do/not do with the Trial?

You have a limited character set at your disposal, the set includes the following characters:



You can use the font for one of the following examples for test purposes ONLY: 

  • Embed into a video game 
  • Embed into a mobile application 
  • A pitch for a project to a client

The list is non-exhaustive and your purpose must be approved by The Northern Block prior to use.

- Is there an Agreement I should follow about how it's used etc?

You can find the full Trial Agreement here to view.

- What if I have any additional questions?

You can get in touch with The Northern Block via

- Trial Licence Contact Form 

To complete the form, click on the link:

Trial Licence Form

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