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Introducing The Northern Block 2.0!


After 2 years in the pipeline with countless emails back and forth, numerous skype calls and an occasional sleepless night or two; we can finally announce our brand new website is now live to peruse at your leisure. The Northern Block website has undergone a complete remodel that welcomes new additions to the site, as well as improving on it’s original core values. We are thrilled that the day has finally come to launch the initial changes to the site and thought it was only right to share with you what you can now expect from The Northern Block 2.0:


The first thing we wanted to change was the overall design of the website. We wanted to produce a website that projects quality and craftsmanship whilst also providing clarity of information about both our products and services. We have worked with many clients over the years and they expect the very highest of standards so it was crucial to the website that it satisfies their expectations.
It is currently designed with the initial foundations for us to take over and evolve it ourselves over time with newly recruited web talent, which has been an exciting movement for the future of The Northern Block. We aimed for a clean, simple appearance without distractions which we felt reflected both the brand’s value and quality. The result is a monochromatic colour palette that allows the typefaces to do the talking.


With thirty type families currently available in our library, it was important to us to create a website that is fuss free to navigate through. We created shorter and more direct routes with minimal amount of click throughs as possible to provide a fast, functional and straightforward buyer experience that is easy to understand as well as a unique web user experience that both customers and clients can share and enjoy.

Buyer Experience

Following on from this, one of the main factors for us was being able to improve our buyer experience. On our previous website, customers were able to purchase our typefaces through limited buying options. Now we have improved on this by adding in one click purchasing elements and multiple payment gateway methods and in a variety of currencies, to improve user experience and making purchasing and downloading our typefaces more accessible and even better than before.


From winning international awards with our typefaces to attracting some of the top 10 global branding agencies including McCann, InterBrand & FutureBrand, we have a story to tell and we want to be able to share it with you. We have introduced many storytelling elements to our website including our case histories, where you can read about specific typefaces and their involvement in the latest projects, such as our work with Ubisoft’s ‘Tom Clancy’s: The Division’, EA’s FIFA‘12 -‘16 and Hilton Worldwide to name but a few. We also have expanded the ‘About’ page where you can get to know more about who we are at The Northern Block, what we do and meet the team. As well as adding in our brand new blog as a new platform for showcasing our fonts in use by both customers and clients and updating you with everything we get up to as it happens.


The Northern Block has always prided itself on being a collaborative company that enjoys sharing their knowledge, with offering opportunities for collaborating, internships and working with clients. Another exciting feature we have introduced to our website is the Collaboration page, where we have conducted interviews with our current collaborators so you can get to know more about those who work with us.

We would like to give a special mention to Ben, Adam and Lewis from Gravita and Matt Wade from Darwin Creative. Thank you for making our ideas become a reality. We would also like to thank everyone who supports The Northern Block type foundry in what we do. We hope you will continue to do so and enjoy our new website as much as we do. Happy browsing!

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