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The Division X Borda Typeface


At the start of 2012, Creative Director of The Northern Block, Jonathan Hill designed a new type family. A square, geometric sans serif called Borda, with the aim to be used across screen based layouts due to the compact nature of its’ letterforms and great use of space.

Borda type family, 2012.

Fast forward four years to March of 2016, with the release of Ubisoft’s brand new video game, Tom Clancy’s: The Division and the debut of Borda, which was then used throughout the entire Division game interface and in Ubisoft’s marketing material such as game trailers, social media, clothing and the official game website. At present, Borda continues its involvement in Ubisoft's sequel game The Division 2 as one of the primary typefaces used throughout the game.

Borda type family in use in Ubisoft's marketing for The Divsion 2 game (source).

The Division is the commercially successful video game franchise with lead development by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft. Based on the work of American author, Tom Clancy, whose work was best known for the genres of espionage, military science and technological thrillers, which despite not being based on his books, when looking further into the plots behind both Division games, are a great representation of his work.

Borda type family used in the original game, The Division. Dark Winter (source) and Directive 51 (source).

The games take inspiration from a senior level bio-terrorist attack simulation conducted in June 2001 with the code name “Operation Dark Winter” which is the prelude to the first game. It was a real-world drill exercise that was created to test the emergency responses to a secret, widespread smallpox attack on the United States. It also takes inspiration from The declaration issued by the President of the United States called “Executive Directive 51”, which federal agents are tasked with protecting society and the U.S. in the event of a catastrophic event. Including incidents that result in extraordinary levels of civilian casualties, damage and disruption that severely affects the U.S. population, buildings, roads, power supplies, environment, economy and government functions. It was created and signed by U.S. President George W. Bush in May 2007. 

Borda type family used in the original game, The Division (source) and in use in The Division 2 gameplay (source).

The Division’s plot focuses on your character, who is an agent and part of the Strategic Homeland Division, also known as “Division”, based in Manhattan, New York with the given task of helping rebuild its operations as well as investigate the nature of the outbreak and combat criminal activity in the aftermath of a smallpox pandemic transferred via banknotes. The sequel is to continue seven months on after the first release, this time taking place in Washington D.C., where the city is at risk of collapse and a civil war has broken out between survivors and raiders.

The original game reports as Ubisoft's best-selling video game, breaking company records for highest number of first-day sales and being the ninth best selling video game for the Xbox One, due to selling 2.41 million copies. We predict the sequel will excel on its previous records and we are honoured to have Borda type family included in this already, widely successful game franchise.

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