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The Way Type Influences You & You Didn’t Even Know!


No matter what kind of product or service you buy, you cannot get away from the fact a typeface has influence on you.

Across the entire planet, people trust certain Brands when they make a purchase; whether it be a car, a holiday, or even a pack of butter!

Some of the reasons you trust the Brand is because your family and friends trust it, it’s widespread, it’s good value, or it’s good quality.

But what sparked all of those reasons? The Brand.

Without the Brand, you wouldn’t even know the product or service exists; and that’s where a typeface has it’s influence.

When you walk down a supermarket aisle, all you see is brand upon brands, literally competing for your hand. But I bet a lot of you don’t know, even the supermarket’s own cheap product, is ACTUALLY one of those brands, bought cheap and on mass for you to buy – so why buy the branded stuff?! You do it because your programmed to!

You’re programmed to buy certain colours and shapes, certain designs; and therefore certain designs of type.

Type is designed to make you feel something when you read it, whether it be an emotion or a feeling of action, much like a colour or a shape would.

Look out of your window at home or work and see if you can see any type; what’s the name of the company and what it that brand trying to tell you?

(Source: FedEx)

Let’s take FedEx for example..

The typeface is a grotesque sans-serif. All the letters are overlapping, no spaces. Also the colours you could argue promote speed and calmness.

The little gem you may not have realised is that between the ‘E’ and the ‘x’, you’ve got a right-facing arrow in the white area!

Now if that’s not subliminal, what is.

You trust FedEx don’t you?

Next time you see a typeface…look a little closer.

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