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Where Do You Buy Your Type From?


Whether you’re the Creative Director, or the Intern Graphic Designer, you will understand that your work not only relies upon typography, but it is the heart of the message you are conveying.

You can buy or ‘rent’ a plethora of designs, from a range of Retailers (Companies who sell on the behalf of Type Designers) – but which Retailers do you TRULY trust when it comes to providing your card details, or how far do you actually search to find that ‘ideal’ typography.

Have you even considered looking at the Type Foundry’s OWN website?

For example, on Typekit(Adobe Creative Cloud), there are 140+ Type Foundries contributing their type so users of the software to freely sync those fonts into any project they choose. But there are 140+ websites out there for you to browse and quite possibly find a more appropriate typeface, but would you even bother to look further?
This is not a call for you to not use Typekit, on the contrary — this is a call to explore and grow.

Time is always an issue for a Designer, there’s always a deadline to be hit; so finding everything you need in the shortest amount of time is considering a smarter way of using that allocated time. But is it?

What if I told you that your design can be completely influenced by the typeface you choose, not the other way around.

Erik Spiekermann has been ‘banging on’ about this for an endless amount of time, and the man knows what he’s talking about.

You may want to try and get to know the individual Foundry you’re making the purchase from; you may buy or sync the font from a Retailer, but if you search deeper into the Foundry that produced it, you may find something more appropriate to use. Who knows, maybe if you speak with the Foundry directly, they may enlighten you to a typeface in progress that’s a better fit compared to what you already have.
Developing relationships — in any form — is an essential part of any role in any organisation.

I am in no way an experienced member of the Type community, but I can clearly see a missing link between those who design, and those who use that design to design.

My end message is simple, get to know your fonts, get to know those who design it; you will not regret it.

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