The Northern Block is a collaborative type foundry Internationally recognised for producing new typefaces that are fit for a modern purpose.

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Our Culture
of Type

A creative guild of craftspeople connected to the historic Tyne Valley region of Northumberland. Our collaborative team of designers and experts are driven by the connection with other professionals to share knowledge and solve problems to typeface creation. In less than five years a unique and diverse library of fonts has been developed and licensed to a new breed of buyers including application developers, brand agencies, video game studios and web designers.

In support to this, The Northern Block has created a facility to offer custom designs with exclusive and collectively written license agreements. Our Heritage is grounded in The North East of England which has a rich history of lettering & craftsmanship going back to the creation of the Lindisfarne Gospels. The original manuscript created by the highly skilled calligrapher Eadfrith in an insular majuscule script is referred today as an act of isolated genius and provides The Northern Block methods of practice with huge inspiration.

The first journey into type design for The Northern Block was long, winding with no clear and direct route, more of a road to discovery. Not having centres of excellence in the North for type design including universities and professional practices the learning curve was that much steeper, but no less rewarding. After a successful career in graphic design, Jonathan Hill began to lay down the foundation for The Northern Block type foundry.

The first six years he worked alone as an independent designer selling typefaces under The Northern Block brand, building a reputation for developing clean, modernist, industrial tech style designs. Jonathan was introduced to Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya a talented designer from Belarus who was studying a master’s degree at Teesside University. The type design journey from this point forward became that much clearer and better understood. Working alone was no longer an option, the company was then incorporated, and a new manifesto was drawn up to connect designers and creatives through a shared professional realm (Guild) in the pursuit to develop purposeful modern, readable typefaces.

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Meet The Team

Jonathan Hill
Creative Director
Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya
Senior Type Designer
Scott Briggs
Client Lead
Malcolm Wooden
Font Developer
Kate Vasey
Media Coordinator
Juli Cheng
Web Developer
Donna Wearmouth
Jamie Chang
Type Designer

Selected Clients