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Our Culture
Of Type

A creative guild of craftspeople connected to the historic Tyne Valley region of Northumberland. Our collaborative team of designers and experts are driven by the connection with other professionals to share knowledge and solve problems to typeface creation. In less than five years a unique and diverse library of fonts has been developed and licensed to a new breed of buyers including application developers, brand agencies, video game studios and web designers.

In support to this, The Northern Block has created a facility to offer custom designs with exclusive and collectively written license agreements. Our Heritage is grounded in The North East of England which has a rich history of lettering & craftsmanship going back to the creation of the Lindisfarne Gospels. The original manuscript created by the highly skilled calligrapher Eadfrith in an insular majuscule script is referred today as an act of isolated genius and provides The Northern Block methods of practice with huge inspiration.


Designing a custom typeface can give you that extra level of detail which improves consistency and creates a unique visual identity much like a signature or fingerprint. It can also influence perceptions of its targeting audience by reinforcing trust, recognition and overall attraction. Further to this, a custom typeface can be a viable solution for companies who have in the past been unsuccessful using off the shelf typefaces.

Often looked at as a costly process only available to the largest brands and corporations The Northern Block offers a unique approach to custom work making projects realistic and attainable for a start-up, small and medium size independently owned enterprises. If you’re setting up a brand, launching a website, developing an app or video game and require that extra layer of visual detail to help you stand out, then a custom type design can be the answer.


The Northern Block can modify any of our existing fonts to your specified criteria. Changing an existing font can be a great cost effective solution when working to demanding deadlines that do not allow the creation of a new custom font from scratch. You may have been working with one of our existing fonts and would like to create a custom version for your company.

The Northern Block will collaborate with you to decide the right level of modifications to rename and use the font exclusively under our enterprise license agreement. Other reasons you may wish to modify one of our fonts, is to work with your brand specifically the logotype by changing individual letters that better match existing characters.


Whether you’re an indie game developer, or a worldwide brand; languages are incredibly important. When you choose a font for your ‘brand’ it’s important to ensure that it can be read in the languages you’re selling your product or service to. The Northern Block specialises in┬ádeveloping Non-Latin and Latin scripts for fonts, extending a current character set, or completely building from scratch.

We can create & develop the following Non-Latin scripts: Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, Korean & Thai.