One of the core values of The Northern Block is being able to collaborate with many individuals of all levels from all over the world.


Being able to collaborate with you on your current type design, we can work together to help bring your product to fruition and help it get the recognition it deserves, whilst offering our support and guidance throughout the whole process. For us, this is the difference between a good typeface and a potential award-winning typeface.

Work With Us, Not Alone

The Northern Block is made up of connected people who previously worked alone and have the benefit of hindsight to understand what it takes to design, publish and distribute a professional typeface. You may have your fonts already developed, or are in the process of creating them and need some expertise to push them over the line. We can help!

How To Get Involved

Firstly we ask for you to fill out our straightforward, 17 questioned Questionnaire, where you will receive neutral feedback from the team.  Following on from this we will then ask to see a CV, along with some of your most recent and best work and/or Behance profile – and take it from there! All Styles are welcome!

We build our own distribution agreements in-house, therefore we can tailor each agreement based on the circumstances of the individual Designer.

Our In-house designer creates graphics and designs for both the Designers and the Collaborators; ranging from font graphics to promotional material.

We have our own in-house social media guru spending their life perfecting the social media plan for not just The Northern Block Designers, but for our Collaborators too. Working with us means that you don’t have to think about promoting yourself,
we do it for you.